• Bible Stories for Kids

    Bible Stories for Kids

    A wonderful collection of children's stories by noted author Paul Dallgas-Frey.

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Chilling with Lions

The Story of Daniel

Daniel in the Lion's Den
Daniel was only a young boy when he was taken prisoner to Babylon, but he caught the attention of the King and soon became a trusted adviser. One day, however, he ended up in a lion's cage. These stories will tell you what happened to him there.
Stories of Jesus

Stories of Jesus

The sayings and miracles of Jesus
Jesus said many wonderful things when he walked upon the earth and worked many miracles before he died for our sins. . Here are some of the things that he said and did.
Other Stories

More Wonderful Stories

Stories about Samson and Jonah and other heroes
There are many wonderful people in the Bible that we can learn much from. Samson was a man of great strength, but had great weaknesses too. Jonah was a reluctant messenger of God who ran the other way. Elijah was one of the greatest prophets who ever lived. These are stories to enjoy and learn from.
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