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Why Did They Beat Up Jesus?

Some people got very angry at Jesus because he was speaking against the bad things they were doing. They tried to get Jesus to do what they wanted. Instead, Jesus did what God wanted him to do, and he told everybody how bad those people were. Finally the people got so angry at Jesus that they wanted to kill him. And eventually, that's what they did.

Key Verses

Then the Roman soldiers took him into the barracks of the palace. They called out the whole palace guard. They dressed him in a purple robe. And they made a crown of sharp thorns and put it on his head. Then they cheered, yelling, "Yea! King of the Jews!" They beat him on the head with a cane and spat on him. They made fun of him by bowing down to "worship" him. (Mark 15:16-19)

Related Verses

Isaiah 53:4-10; Matthew 26:57-68; Mark 15:15; John 15:14-18