• Angels and Demons

    Angels and Demons

    Questions Kids Ask about Angels and Demons

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What are Demons?

Like the devil, demons are bad angels. They followed Satan when he turned against God. Demons are spiritual beings who work and fight against God. Demon's are Satan's helpers. There is only one devil, but here are thousands of demons. They are all over the world, trying to keep people from following Christ and obeying God. But God is more powerful than all the demons and the devil put together. God will keep us safe from demons as we trust in him. At the end of time, all demons will be thrown into the Lake of Fire with the devil.

Key Verse

[Jesus is speaking] "Then I will turn to those on my left. I will say, "Away from me, you cursed ones. Go into the fire prepared for the devil and his demons." (Matthew 25:41)

Related Verses

Mark 5:9-13; Luke 4:41; 11:15; Revelation 18:2

Note to parents

The related verses show that demons are active in the world.