• Stories from the Old Testament

    Stories from the Old Testament

    The Old Testament is full of great stories of adventure and here are a few for you to read

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Before the Beginning

When God created the universe....

...did he have to sit down and plan it all out first? (And if he did, where did he sit down? He hadn’t thought up chairs yet!)

Or did He just think it all up at once?

Did God get out a piece of paper and start drawing out ideas - and then scribbling them out when he didn’t like them? Did he try different ideas for things? Like, did God think people might be good with six legs instead of two?

Or, because He is perfect, were all God’s ideas right from the very start?

And how long would it take to think up EVERYTHING in the universe?! Did it take a day? Or a week? Or maybe it took forever. But since forever has no beginning and no end, when he finally said, “That looks good!!” and then created everything, there still was forever left.

Or maybe He thought it all up in an instant!

Something to think about!

One thing is for sure, if it weren’t for God, we wouldn’t be here!

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