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Where Does God Live?

Sometimes we think of God as though he were another person like us. And just as we can only be in one place at a time and we need a place to live, we think that God is the same way. But God isn't limited to a physical body or to one place at a time. In fact, God lives everywhere, especially inside people who love him. We call church "God's house" because that's where people who love God gather together to worship him. But no matter where we are, God is with us. We can never be lost to his love. God also lives in heaven - eventually, we will live there, too.

Key Verses

[Solomon is speaking] "But is it possible that God would live on earth? Why, even the skies and the highest heavens cannot hold you! This Temple I have built will not be able to hold you either! And yet, O Lord my God, you have heard and answered what I asked. Please watch over this Temple night and day. For this is the place you have promised to live. Please listen to my prayers here, whether by night or by day. Listen to every prayer of the people of Israel. Listen to them when they face this place to pray. Yes, hear in heaven where you live. And when you hear, forgive." (1 Kings 8:27-30)

Related Verses

Psalm 139:7-12; Acts 17:24-29; Romans 8:38-39; Ephesians 4:8-10